LOVE in Hebrew is AHAVA (LOVE is GIVING)

According to 1 Corinthians 13 "WE ARE NOTHING without LOVE" !!
LOVE Ministries & Ministers are in covenant with YHWH our Heavenly Father to TRUST & OBEY HIS WORD

LOVE Ministries


yshua's LOVE

  • HOW-House Of Worship

    DOERS OF THE WORD: House Church, or "Home Church", HOW is used to describe a Congregation, Body of Believers, Independent Assembly, or Gathering of Gods people, that is beyond a simple Bible Study, or Prayer Meeting held in a house. What "WE DO" is a complete package! DISCOVER our GLOBAL NETWORK of HOUSES and on-line directory.

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    LOVE CENTER where YHWH (GOD) is in the CENTER ~ "hospital for the heart"
    MISSION on a MISSION: CHRISTIAN Community Center that is created to SERVE every local Assembly (Congregation) by providing resources for the BODY and OUTREACH to the lost and broken. AHAVA (LOVE) in Hebrew means to GIVE and here we GIVE OUR LOVE to the body!

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    FAITH FARM is a Ministry Model that has several types and sizes, to achieve Biblical ACTION of HELPS MINISTRIES. HELP 4 HELPLESS... HOPE 4 HOPELESS... HOMES 4 HOMELESS... WAYS 4 WIDOWS... OPTIONS 4 ORPHANS... ANSWERS 4 ALCOHOLICS... DELIVERANCE 4 DRUG ADDICTS. These sites include orphanages, rehabs, abuse centers, & homeless.

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